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Windows profile wrapping

casa editrice: l'informa professional

categoria: studi multidisciplinari

autore: Carrer Maurizio

pagine: 192

formato: 17x24

prezzo: 50,00 €

edizione: 2020

codice ISBN: 978-88-7873-176-9



The current world market of doors and windows sees PVC-based ones excel and their market share continues to expand both in advanced and developing countries.

The success of these products especially derives from the particular price/quality ratio that characterizes them. Quality here is intended as seen from both the aesthetic and the performance perspective. The latter is associated with their capability to last over time, remaining unaltered against the potentially degrading effect of the atmospheric agents, a condition to which they are continuously exposed during their use.

This capability is strongly associated with the characteristics of the materials that are used for the manufacturing of PVC windows and with the way the production process is carried out.

In a market that is now mature, prepared and very demanding in terms of quality, it becomes fundamental to base the production of any goods on solid technical bases, i.e. on the "know-how" culture that combines a thorough scientific knowledge of the materials with concrete experience gained on the field, which is essential to understand every detail of the processes and also to be able to prevent possible problems and defects, as well as to contemplate and design future improvements.

This book, written by Maurizio Carrer, deals with the wrapping process of the profiles used for the production of windows and doors, considering both the raw materials, such as profiles, sheets and chemical products (adhesives and primers) and the machines dedicated to this processing. It always starts from a scientific base but comes to describe, in the course of the various chapters, detailed practical experiences and finally concludes the work with a careful analysis of possible production problems and defects, accompanied by explanations and various hypotheses of solution.

The aim of the work is, therefore, the transmission of a complete and detailed knowledge of this process through a dynamic and easy-to-read style, thanks, above all, to the very rich collection of images.

The book written by Maurizio Carrer, therefore, represents an essential point of reference, never published so far, for this important industrial sector.